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  • What sort of food does the camp offer? We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. You will be served buffet style traditional Bedouin dishes, freshly prepared from our team.

  • Is food included in the cost of my tent? All of our prices include a complimentary breakfast, and you can purchase lunch for a cost of 8JD per person, and dinner for 10JD person.

  • Are there set times for eating? Yes. Breakfast is served starting at 07:00am, and dinner is served at 07:00pm. Please be aware that during summer months, the evening meal is sometimes changed to accommodate the heat.

  • Can you cater for dietary requirements? Yes. Vegetarian options will always be available. Please get in touch in advance if you have any other dietary requirements or allergies and we will accommodate.

  • Do we have to bring our own water? No. Water is available 24/7 from our communal areas, as well as complimentary tea, coffee, and juices. We also have soft drinks available for a small surcharge.


  • Do I have to pay for parking? No. Parking at our main Hasan Zawaideh Camp is free of charge to all guests for the duration of their stay.

  • Does the camp have Wi-Fi? Yes. You will be able to connect your devices to our free Wi-Fi in your tent, in the outdoor areas, and also in our communal areas at no extra cost.

  • Will we have access to hot water? Yes. Our camp has access to hot and cold water all year round.

  • What if I forget to pre-book a tour? Not to worry, please come to reception, and you can book your tour there.


  • Do the tents have shared toilets? No. All of our tents have a private bathroom inside, including a toilet, shower and sink. They also have plugs available for shavers.

  • Do the tents have air conditioning? Yes. All of our tents are fitted with fully working air conditioning and heating units.

  • Which plug adapters should I bring? All of our tents have sockets that can fit most plug types, including types F, C, G and L. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will assist.

  • Will the tent come with toiletries? Each tent will receive a small amount of complimentary toiletries, as well as having a hairdryer.

  • What amenities come in the tent? Each tent will have a working fridge, hairdryer, and tea / coffee making facilities.

  • Do I need to bring a towel? No. You can receive towels from our reception area.

If any of your questions have not been answered in our FAQs, please feel free to contact us directly, and we will be happy to get you an answer.

“My family and I had an amazing time in this camp. The location is fabulous and the food was great. We can highly recommend the camel and hiking tour. Next year we will come back for sure!”


- Farha, Saudi Arabia

"What a fantastic camp! The desert is magical place to be. We had a lovely time with the locals. During the day we went mountain climbing with our local guide and in the evening we watched the stars and drank tea around the campfire. A truly wonderful place."

- Denise, USA

"Great experience, good camp location and friendly staff. It was our first time in Jordan. We visited Petra, Amman and of course Wadi Rum. In total we spent 3 days at Luxury Camp 2, which gave us plenty of time to do all the activities."

- Tomas, the Netherlands

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