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Come with us, and explore the vast desert surroundings with one of our local Bedouin guides, via the comfort of a Jeep.

Not only will you be given the perfect chance to take some photos that will last a lifetime, you'll feel first hand what it is like to travel across the dunes we call our home, at speed.

You can decide between a 2 hour, 3 hour or 4 hour Jeep tour depending on your needs, and if you wish, we have a full day 6 hour Jeep tour available.


During our tours, your guide will drive you out to all of the must-see spots in close to our camp.

On the 4 hour Jeep tour, you will be taken out to most beautiful spots our area has to offer.


'The Martian' sand dunes, the Nabathean inscriptions, Umm Frouth rock bridge, mushroom rock, Barrah canyon and Lawrence Canyon.


Your wishes are always our main priority at Hasan Zawaideh luxury, and so we give you the driving seat when deciding when you want to take your tour.

Our recommendation however, let us give you the perfect time slot, so that before returning to camp, we can bring you to the perfect spot for admiring the golden hour, the desert sunset.

You can either do your Jeep tour on the evening that you book it, or the day after.

Please be aware, that should you wish to do the Jeep tour on the evening that you book, there will be an allocated time spot depending on how long you book for.


- 2 hours: 35JD per Jeep

- 3 hours: 50JD

- 4 hours: 65JD

- 6 hours: 80JD

“My family and I had an amazing time in this camp. The location is fabulous and the food was great. We can highly recommend the camel and hiking tour. Next year we will come back for sure!”


- Farha, Saudi Arabia

"What a fantastic camp! The desert is magical place to be. We had a lovely time with the locals. During the day we went mountain climbing with our local guide and in the evening we watched the stars and drank tea around the campfire. A truly wonderful place."

- Denise, USA

"Great experience, good camp location and friendly staff. It was our first time in Jordan. We visited Petra, Amman and of course Wadi Rum. In total we spent 3 days at Luxury Camp 2, which gave us plenty of time to do all the activities."

- Tomas, the Netherlands

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