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Thanks for to our remote setting, far away from the crowded cities, our location is not just perfect to soak up the sunshine.

After the glorious glow of the sunset passes, let us show you the beauty that comes with the night sky. when you are away from artificial lights.

You will be in awe when you look up and see that you can not only see several stars, but also the planets. On a clear night, you might even be lucky enough to see further afield.


Once the sun sets, and the night sky is upon us, so long as the weather permits, the stars will be easily visible with the naked eye.

We've got local astronomers who will lead you out to the best star-gazing sites in Wadi Rum, and from there, you will be able to relax under the sky above.

Price: 20JD per persons (90 mins)

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If you wish to enhance your star-gazing adventure, look no further.

With this tour, you will meet with one of our local guides, who will led you to a perfect spot where you can view the stars and a sleep like no other under their relaxing glow.

The price for this tour will include the necessary equipment, however, please remember to dress appropriately for the desert night weather and conditions.


30JD per persons

+ dinner: 10JD per persons

+ breakfast: 8JD persons

Upgrade your tour to an even bigger adventure.

This tour can be combined with a day of hiking to one of two breathtaking locations. For more information on this, click here.

“My family and I had an amazing time in this camp. The location is fabulous and the food was great. We can highly recommend the camel and hiking tour. Next year we will come back for sure!”


- Farha, Saudi Arabia

"What a fantastic camp! The desert is magical place to be. We had a lovely time with the locals. During the day we went mountain climbing with our local guide and in the evening we watched the stars and drank tea around the campfire. A truly wonderful place."

- Denise, USA

"Great experience, good camp location and friendly staff. It was our first time in Jordan. We visited Petra, Amman and of course Wadi Rum. In total we spent 3 days at Luxury Camp 2, which gave us plenty of time to do all the activities."

- Tomas, the Netherlands

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