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Experience the desert calm, from the back of a camel. These ancient animals are at the fore-front of our history in the desert, dating back thousands of years.

Should select a camel back tour with us, you will start by meeting on our guides, and then venture out into the vast desert.

Not only with you experience out traditional transportation, you will be taken to see the most beautiful spots nearby.


Your guide will be one of our local Bedouins, and they will take you to see all the nearby breathtaking sights that Wadi Rum has to offer.

Fully allow yourself to embrace the experience, and from the back of our camels, take in the landscape that is all around you.

For an added glow, ask us for the best time to experience a golden hour.

Camel riding in the desert
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Your wishes are always our main priority at Hasan Zawaideh luxury, and so we want you to take the reins when deciding when you want to take your tour.

When you book, you will be able to request a time slot for your camel tour. Our recommendation is that you set off on your journey in time to see the sunset, and observe the beauty of our Wadi engulfed in golden light.

At the time of booking your camel tour, you decide the time for it to start. If you are unsure, but know that you would like the see the sun rise, or set, please ask.

All of our camel tours include complimentary Bedouin tea, and our longer tours can include light snacks at request.


- 1 hour: 15JD per person

- 2 hours: 30JD pp

- 3 hours: 40JD pp

- 4 hours: 50JD pp

- 5 hours: 60JDpp

“My family and I had an amazing time in this camp. The location is fabulous and the food was great. We can highly recommend the camel and hiking tour. Next year we will come back for sure!”


- Farha, Saudi Arabia

"What a fantastic camp! The desert is magical place to be. We had a lovely time with the locals. During the day we went mountain climbing with our local guide and in the evening we watched the stars and drank tea around the campfire. A truly wonderful place."

- Denise, USA

"Great experience, good camp location and friendly staff. It was our first time in Jordan. We visited Petra, Amman and of course Wadi Rum. In total we spent 3 days at Luxury Camp 2, which gave us plenty of time to do all the activities."

- Tomas, the Netherlands

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